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Quality Control

Quality control check of plate surfaceAll Paragon Plates™ are produced from high-quality lithographic aluminum sheet. Grain structure is tightly controlled and uniform throughout the sheet. Our high-pressure wash system assures a clean, ready-to-image surface. Every Paragon Plate ™ receives 100% inspection from our highly-skilled technicians before shipping to you.


Paragon Plates™ are stacked face-to-face with polyethylene-coated anti-tarnish interleaving in contact with the grain surfaces, insuring many months or even years of shelf life without the need for counter-etching.

Plate bundles are taped on four corners and wrapped in white kraft paper envelopes for dust protection, then packaged in sturdy protective cartons with face and edge protectors and stiffeners to insure damage-free shipping and provide a convenient storage container.